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Veronica Mars' Illicit Lovers Bare It All
Source: TV Guide, Wednesday, November 16, 2005
If things are heating up in Neptune, the fictional seaside town of UPN's Veronica Mars (Wednesdays at 9 pm/ET), blame Jason Dohring and Charisma Carpenter. Dohring's Logan has been hooking up with Kendall, his best friend's sexy step mom (played by Buffy and Angel alum Carpenter), ever since Kristen Bell's Veronica gave him the boot. And in tonight's episode, their on-screen affair takes an even naughtier twist. While Dohring and Carpenter crackle with chemistry, fans we should say Logan-and-Veronica fans are hardly thrilled. "After Veronica, Logan may be the most adored character on the show," says creator Rob Thomas. "But we're having fun with those two broken up."

TV Guide: What do you think the attraction is between your characters?
Jason Dohring: There's a little bit of that Mrs. Robinson thing. For a kid in high school to be in a relationship with an older woman, a hot girl like that? Damn, man.
Charisma Carpenter: I think when you have somebody like Logan puppy-doggin' after you and giving you all that attention, it just feels good. Besides, I don't think Kendall is the most well-adjusted woman. [Laughs] And since I'm married to an older man [on the show], I suspect the sex is a little longer and better with Logan.

TV Guide: How did the two of you first meet?
Carpenter: We sat next to one another at [the fan convention] Comic Con. Jason was very polite. He lent me his microphone. But we didn't formally meet [until we were] on the [Mars] set.
Dohring: She was naked [for the scene] and I was like, "Hi, I'm Jason." It's weird to see her with her clothes on. [Laughs]
Charisma Carpenter Profile
Charisma Lee Carpenter was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, on July 23, 1970. The youngest child to parents Don Carpenter and Chris Carpenter (bird sanctuary employee; born 1939), Charisma has two older brothers. She was named after an Avon perfume and received the nickname "Chrissy." By the age of 5, Charisma was taking classical ballet and held three state titles by the time she was thirteen years old, as well as placed in the top five at an international competition. She also joined several local beauty pageants in her teenage years.

As her parents frequently moved during her upbringing, Charisma attended different schools. She attended Gorman High School in Las Vegas and Bonita High School in San Diego. She later studied dance at the Chula Vista School of Creative and Performing Arts and graduated in 1989. Subsequently, she traveled to Europe and enrolled in college. During her adolescence, Charisma admitted, "I was constantly in trouble... bad grades, sneaking out, having boys over when my mom wasn't home, etc."

Charisma married actor Damian Hardy (born 1969) in October 2002 after having been together since 1997. On March 24, 2003, the couple welcomed their first son, Donovan Charles Hardy. They now live in Los Angeles with Charisma's Golden Retrievers, Sydney and Hobie. A fan of fitness, Charisma enjoys outdoor activities like rollerblading, rock climbing, hiking and skydiving.

Originally dreaming of being an English teacher and once a cheerleader for the San Diego Chargers' football team, Charisma Carpenter turned to acting after being spotted by an agent while waiting tables in a restaurant. Having previously worked as a video store employee, aerobics instructor and property manager, Carpenter packed for Los Angeles and audited classes at the reputable acting school Playhouse West. She subsequently was cast in more than 20 commercials, notably her two years stint for Secret antiperspirant.

She also performed on stage in such productions as "No, No, Nanette" and "Welcome Home, Soldier."

After her TV debut as a guest in an episode of "Baywatch" (1989), Aaron Spelling handed her the leading role of Ashley Green in his series "Malibu Shores" in 1996. The series, also starring Keri Russell, only aired from March to June of 1996.

1997 became Carpenter's breakaway year. She initially auditioned for the title role in the WB's series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," but was given the role of Cordelia Chase. She was seen in the hit drama series from 1997 to 1999. She reprised her role, costarring with David Boreanaz, in the spin-off series "Angel" from 1999 to 2003. In 2000 Charisma earned a nomination for a Saturn Award for Best Genre TV Supporting Actress.

"Initially I was disappointed, but while I didn't see it at the time, I know now I'm better suited to Cordelia. Moving from Buffy to Angel was great for me. On Buffy I wasn't all that high on the totem pole as far as responsibility and screen time. That all changed when I joined David [Boreanaz] in Angel. The whole thing has been such a buzz."

Besides busy acting in "Angel," Carpenter played roles in The Groomsmen (2001 ) and the television movie See Jane Date (2003). She was also spotted as a guest in several episodes of the series "Miss Match" (with Alicia Silverstone) and "Charmed" (alongside Alyssa Milano and Rose McGowan).
What Charisma Carpenter said
[On posing for Playboy] "I wanted to get back to my old self. I wanted to feel desirable and sexy. So I thought, "What if I went full throttle?"

"I really wish I could sing so I could front a band, because that would be a dream come true, totally. I want to sing. Can't do it though."

"I don't really see myself being a sex symbol at all."

"The road Cordelia has travelled, the journey she has taken up to now has been such a joy to play as an actress, because there have been so many chances to do so many different emotions."

"I think the circumstances were that there was a story about a girl named Serena Lockner who turned out to be a friend of Kate, who's Alicia Silvertsone, from High School, who she has bitter-sweet feelings for."

"I had my heart set on becoming an English teacher, but stumbled into acting after meeting a theatrical agent in my dad's restaurant in San Diego." [June 30, 2003]

"So, I'm happy to do that because it's a wonderful working relationship but I will be going out for pilot season for half hour work and that's the gamble I'm taking."

[about Sarah Michelle Gellar winning the role of Buffy:] "Initially I was disappointed, but while I didn't see it at the time, I know now I'm better suited to Cordelia. ... Moving from Buffy to Angel was great for me. On Buffy I wasn't all that high on the totem pole as far as responsibility and screen time. That all changed when I joined David [Boreanaz] in Angel. The whole thing has been such a buzz." [2003]
"Angel" (1999/I): $50,000
"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (1997): $35,000 per episode

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